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Aerial Champagne Pouring

Add something unique and innovative to your party or event, and allow our aerialists to pour champagne for your guests! Aerial artists on trapeze, aerial hoops or aerial silk loops work as elegant bartenders, pouring champagne from the air with grace, precision and theatrical flair.

This act works best as part of a drinks reception, however the aerial artist or artists can feature later in your event, performing a stunning routine on your aerial equipment of choice.

Static Aerial Hoop

Freestanding rig (6.5m tall) able to hold solo champagne pourer on static aerial hoop.

Two artists would attend with the rig, and would offer one hour of champagne pouring with the two of them working in rotation. They would either offer 30 minutes each or 2 x 15 minutes each, so the full hour would be covered between them.

Aerial Variety – Duo or Solo

Freestanding rig (stands at either 5.5 or 7.5m tall, according to setting), able to hold up to two champagne pourers at once.

This could be on dance trapeze or silk loops, set at differing heights to add visual interest. Option to hire two or four aerialists, depending on the coverage needed.


Each artist could deliver 3 x 20 minute sets of champagne pouring. Thus a duo could offer two hours coverage in total (with only one artist pouring at a time), whilst four aerialists could offer two hours coverage with two artists pouring at any one time.